Running a business is no mean feat. There are a lot of things one must consider to make it run smoothly, especially the marketing aspect of the business. It is something that cannot be neglected. Marketing, after all, plays a vital role in the growth and success of any company.

If you want to grow and nurture your business, then putting an exceptional marketing strategy in place is the best way to go. Marketing takes care of building your brand identity, growing customer base, and increasing revenue. In today’s era of technological innovations, it has permeated the digital world as well.

However, the constantly evolving digital trends can make it hard for marketers to stay on top and remain competitive. As presented in the infographic by Serpwatch, one of the best ways to meet this challenge is by putting a sound digital marketing strategy in place.

Before you proceed, you must ask yourself which channels will work best for your business? The following will give you ample ideas on the pros and cons of each digital channel, helping you choose the right fit for your digital marketing strategy.


It can’t be denied that SEO is a huge part of any digital marketing campaign — more than 40% of business revenue is made possible by organic traffic.

Ranking among the top search results is imperative. Search engines drive 300% more traffic to sites compared to social media. That is why you need to optimise your site so that search engines can easily find and index it.

If you want to grow your website traffic without paying for it, then SEO is just for you.

Social Media

It has to be said that digital marketing without social media does not make sense. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have been exponentially growing in both influence and reach. Social media can build your brand identity, spread brand awareness, and increase engagement.

Running ads on Facebook can attract thousands, if not millions, of potential customers. For 88% of businesses with more than 100 employees, Twitter is a good choice to run marketing campaigns.

Instagram is a social networking platform that appeals to many consumers, with 60% of users discovering products on this app. It is found that after seeing a brand’s post in their feed, 75% of consumers take action, either by visiting a company’s website or clicking on its other links.

As a business that looks forward into the future, integrating social media in digital marketing campaigns should be a no-brainer.

Email Marketing Campaigns

A research found that 86% of professionals prefer email for business communication. If your product or service caters to this market, running an email marketing campaign is a good strategy.

Actually, an email campaign can suit different demographics. It is a widely used tactic by many businesses who wish to build a more lasting relationship with the target market. As a marketing channel, email can also generate leads that can convert to paying customers, hence increasing your revenue without having to spend a lot.

Just remember that a good email marketing campaign should have all the essential elements to make it more effective, including segmentation, personalisation, good copy, and a powerful call-to-action.

It is also wise to consider automation because statistics show that about 49% of businesses use such tools to run their email campaigns.

Paid Advertising

Major search engines like Google and Bing have options for ad placements. You must be aware of the power of online search, as billions of queries worldwide are keyed in every day. Running ads on search engines could give your business the exposure it needs to attract the target market.

Stats found that 64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking for an item to buy online. You can run pay-per-click ads for your target market using keywords relevant to your offered product or service. Mobile advertising is also ideal, especially if you are running social media pages.

Although you must cough up money for this, paying for advertisements can be cost-effective if done right.

Choosing the right and best channel for your digital marketing strategy is imperative if you want to run it in a smooth and efficient manner. After all, this crucial step can make or break your business so choose wisely and build your strategy for success.

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