What is a lead generation website?

If you run a business, it’s natural to want to promote your brand, encourage new customers to take an interest in what you do, and ultimately, convert that initial contact into a customer.

Many businesses operating in the modern world have a website, but sites have different purposes. Some provide information for people who are already leads, while others act as a lead generation tool. If you’re keen to drum up interest in your company, and you’d like to use your website to attract clients and encourage them to take that next step, it’s worth understanding the value of a lead generation website, and learning how to use your site to establish a sales process.

So what exactly is a lead generation website?

Lead generation is all about creating leads and ensuring your business benefits from that all-important sales funnel. Remember – your prospects will move through 4 stages during the sales process.

As a business owner, your aim is to convert these visitors to leads. A visitor is a web user who may or may not have a genuine interest in what you do. At this point, it’s your job to persuade that person that they should take an interest. If you’ve got a customer who is watching clips, reading articles and entering their contact details on your website, this qualifies them as a lead. Once you’ve got a lead, you want to maintain that customer’s interest so that they take the all-important next step and move towards placing an order.

A lead generation website is different to a website that is designed purely to inform the audience. The purpose of a lead generation site is to turn a customer from a generic web user to a lead and to maximise the chances of securing that person’s custom going forward. The aim of a lead generation website is to stoke the fire. With a brochure website, it’s likely that the customer is already interested and they may even have reached the point where they are ready to click the buy button.

Consumers react to sites in different ways. If you visit a website, and you’re interested in the information, and you like the look of the business and you think it could benefit you in some way, this may prompt you to pursue that interest and find out more. Lead generation sites encourage clients to make online enquiries, and they can also initiate contact through signing up for updates or newsletters. They also facilitate the next step in the sales pipeline, urging the customer to place an order or make that call to book an appointment, order a product or secure a service.

How to design your website for successful lead generation

If you want to use your website to attract leads, convert visitors to leads and increase the number of inbound enquiries you receive, it’s essential to set your website up in the right way and to focus on creating and sharing engaging, original content.

One of the most important aspects of a successful website is developing a relationship between your business and the customer.

How to maximise your chance of converting an online lead.

  • Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you by providing contact details, including a phone number, and interactive live chat or online enquiry features.
  • If you’re able to respond to queries quickly, this will maximise your chances of converting leads and enhance your credibility.
  • Reviews and testimonials can also serve to improve authority, and they can also be very persuasive.
  • Many of us tend to read reviews before we buy products so make sure that Google is finding your reviews!
  • You can further increase authority by posting informative, useful content. Vary the types of content you use, for example, blog posts, infographics, video clips, and images, and make sure that content serves a purpose.
  • Monitor website traffic and post contact forms on the pages that receive the most views.
  • Avoid aggressive calls-to-action, and opt for simple options that will appeal to those who haven’t made their mind up.
  • Rather than posting ‘call us now’ at the end of every paragraph, opt for ‘subscribe to news’ or ‘why not try us free of charge?’.
  • You could also consider offering options like access to e-books or podcast downloads.

If you own a business, it’s incredibly important to be able to generate leads and turn those leads into sales. There are various ways of doing this, and having a website geared towards generating leads can be highly effective.

If you’re keen to enhance the lead generation capabilities of your site and drive sales, hopefully, you’ll find this blog useful.