“Strong project management skills, exceeding our security requirements, and knowing they would be a good partner ongoing - these were the factors that made The Blue Cube stand out.”

Ben Grainger, sales and marketing director - Metfriendly


Challenges and proposed solutions

The Metfriendly website is their customers’ most common route to applications. Like many companies we meet, they want to generate more website visitors, convert more leads and close more sales online.

After conducting a set of detailed (website audits, interviews, phone sessions, web chats, etc) we discerned that we Metfriendly’s new website should enhance their online branding, simplify their buyers’ route to application and the process of filling the forms out, and that moving forwards we should optimise Metfriendly’s marketing output. We wanted to transform Metfriendly’s website it into a far more powerful asset, and later use inbound marketing to attract visitors and leads, keep the website fresh and updated, and ensure that it continues to climb the search engine rankings.


Developing the brand

When we reviewed the Metfriendly website, we recognised the powerful branding potential of the bespoke illustrated characters they use in their promotional material. The friendly original images are instantly recognisable and separate Metfriendly’s brand from those of their competitors - but the previous website made little use of them. This created a disconnect in the company’s marketing, and also made parts of the old website feel too generic. We wanted Metfriendly to stand out from the crowd, not fade into it.

At concept stage, we introduced more illustrations and use of their house typeface FS Me. This gave ownership of the design to Metfriendly, and made the website consistent with their offline activities.


A clearer route to application

One of the key purposes of Metfriendly’s website is to generate applications, so smoothing out this process was one of our project goals.

The previous website looked more complex than it needed to be, with so many internal links that they risked confusing the user by adding unnecessary visual language. We simplified the product list and detail pages, and turned the “Apply” button into the strongest element on the page. Making it “sticky” makes it easier for users to apply, wherever they are on the page.


Seamless systems integration

Metfriendly’s back office IT is a complicated affair. For the website’s many processes to run smoothly, its forms have to work hand-in-hand with the technology behind them. Each application form has its own level of complexity, so it was essential for us to work closely with Metfriendly’s IT department to achieve consistency in every area.

The new website we implemented allowed for:

  • Promo codes: These can be applied to different forms, have expiry dates set, check validity immediately, and direct people to any relevant T&Cs.
  • Email notifications: We enabled Metfriendly to set email notifications that automatically changed depending on what a user has filled into their application form.
  • Marketing system integration: Metfriendly were unable to add email addresses to their email campaign manager, so we engineered a bespoke alternative.


Communication above all things

By using collaboration tools such as Basecamp and GatherContent, we kept Metfriendly informed and vice versa at all times. We combined this with weekly online face-to-face updates, plus ad hoc emails and phone calls whenever required on project progress, so that all parties were aware of their responsibilities in order to meet deadlines.

Our content-first approach gives our clients a clearer view of our objectives at every stage. Designing a website with real or proto content simplifies decision-making and reduces the number of iterations required and improves the development stage of the process.

Since collaborating with Metfriendly, they have achieved [__________].

[What tables/graphs can we use, and what photos can we take? How did inbound become involved?]