Lead Generation
You know when your website isn’t generating enough leads?
I solve this.

I get the problem. Your website has been online for a few years, it cost a fortune to create and was a stressful process. Or maybe it was created using a free or cheap theme so does not convey any sense of uniqueness or personality.

You’ve tried various SEO companies from time to time in an attempt to build leads, but you’ve been repeatedly underwhelmed by results. You look at competitor websites, they look good and they receive lots of enquiries online.

It’s OK, I’ve seen it and this is lots of times and it’s the world I want to help you to escape from.

From experience I know that in almost all cases this is because:

  • The website was never designed to generate leads. It is likely to be a ‘brochure’ website with a ‘let’s talk’ button on it.
  • The site may have a contact form, but this is too passive. The contact form is even sometimes broken.
  • The user experience is poor, the site layout is confusing.
  • The value proposition is not clear, meaning ideal fit customers do not engage. Conversely, poor fit prospects may be making enquiries.
  • Calls-to-action are not strong or evident. There is no offer (something of perceived value that the prospect will exchange their contact details for.)
  • Visitors to the website are not ready to buy – too early in the buying process.
  • Trust score is low. The company may not be active on social media. Prospects who are searching for a solution to their problem will look for trusted vendors. If the company is not visibly active, then this does not build trust, leading to low engagement.

When a prospect finds a business online that is experiencing these issues, they are unlikely to make an enquiry.

Some good news.

This is relatively easy to turn around. I would take you through a discovery process where we put the customer at the centre of any decision making process. Once we identify how you can help the customer. We can start to implement regular small changes that start to increase conversion.

We would start to look for quick wins that will help capture leads. Anything that would take 1-2 hours per task.

  • Review any landing pages. Remove any distractions. Add social proof where possible.
  • Calls-to-action – are they visible? Place above fold.
  • Basic SEO fixes, there will definitely be some.
  • Review contact forms – is there anything that could be reducing conversion?

Next step is clearly defining the purpose of every page on the website. This is critical. Once we understand the purpose, we can evaluate customer experience.

When we have built up a deeper understanding of purpose, we will set a KPI to measure the success of these pages. 

I can help to optimise landing pages for conversion. 

We would optimise:

  • Text headings
  • Introduction text
  • The offer
  • Any images on the page
  • Usability
  • Testimonials
  • Calls to action
  • Page layout

I believe that any website that is built around customer need will gain a higher conversion rate than a competitor.  

Google will rank websites that value searcher intent over those that are poorly designed, hard to navigate and don’t offer any value.

 Once you employ this approach you will have an unfair advantage over your competitors who will then always be playing catch up.

What challenges do you have?

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