Having the right strategy - your Game Plan - is critical for aligning your team and setting up your company for long-term success. A complete inbound marketing Game Plan will include defining your SMART goals, identifying your ideal customers, mapping their buyer journeys, and defining your messaging.

With The Blue Cube, your Game Plan will be ready within 30 days.


With your Game Plan strategy in place, it's time to define how to start achieving your goals via your first 90-day Roadmap.

Your Roadmap sets out the new campaign deliverables to be completed, including the website improvements, content creation, and content promotion to generate leads ready to nurture into customers.

Your first 90-day inbound Roadmap will be completed within 60 days following sign-up, and will include quick wins to generate immediate improvements. Every 90 days, following a detailed results analysis, we will create a new Roadmap for your next quarter.





For your strategy to drive real business results, you need impeccable execution. At The Blue Cube, we will always ensure that your Roadmap's monthly deliverables are completed on time and to the highest quality.

We break down your inbound marketing activities into month-by-month deliverables: content offers, blogs, social posts, emails, infographics, videos, workflows and distribution. Through straightforward project management systems that our clients can access at any time, The Blue Cube is transparent and accountable in everything we do for you.


The Blue Cube uses the powerful HubSpot system to track your website's visitors, leads and customers, as well as your campaign deliverables and goals. This brings total transparency to each campaign.

We will feed the most significant results and findings into a Monthly Inbound Marketing Scorecard, which we will take you through on a monthly basis. The information gained from these scorecards builds up after each quarter, offering the opportunity for deeper analysis and more valuable conclusions.



What’s working and what needs improvement?

After each quarter, we will use our Monthly Inbound Marketing Scorecards to analyse the results of each campaign and pull out the key findings, ready to fuel smarter and more effective ideas for the next 90-day Roadmap. The more we analyse, the more we learn, the faster we help you grow - and the better the results will be for your bottom line.

Our regular reporting and the peerless insights we gain from HubSpot give you a proven route to constant progression and ongoing improvements.

How much do inbound marketing retainers cost?

We offer flexible packages that are designed for all companies regardless of size and experience.

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