How to design a modern user-friendly website using WordPress

If you’re looking to design a modern user-friendly WordPress website, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog will go through everything you need to know about bringing your new website to life. As the title suggests, we’ll be focussing on WordPress sites only.

Why WordPress?

The simple reason is that WordPress is proven to be a reliable and scalable Content Management System (CMS). It’s perfect for small business owners as you can easily install it and then expand it as your traffic increases. What’s more, you will have access to loads of amazing modern plug-ins and features that will help modernise your site and make it far more user-friendly.

So, when it comes to modern WordPress web design, what do you need to do?

Domain Name & Hosting

The first step is simple; find a suitable domain name and hosting option for your website. There are lots of sites out there where you can search for different domains to see if they’re available. GoDaddy is probably the most popular and trusted, but feel free to do your own research and find one that suits your budget. The benefit of a domain name is that it makes your site look far more modern and professional. You can secure a name that actually relates to your business, rather than just choosing a random one.

This is where many business owners get it wrong. They will often pick a shared hosting provider just because it’s cheaper, but this is a false economy. Modern hosting platforms that are designed specifically for WordPress hosting make the job of maintenance much easier, and also help keep your website secure.

At the Blue Cube we  host all of our WordPress websites with specialised WordPress cloud hosting designed only for WordPress websites, it’s the best hosting option available.

The great thing about a cloud hosting platform is that you can install WordPress sites in just one click. So, you’ll have the latest version installed within a few minutes.

Choosing A Modern Theme

Once everything is installed, and you’re on a server with your desired domain name, it’s time to properly design your WordPress website. The biggest thing on your agenda will be choosing the right theme. If you want your site to look modern and user-friendly, then you should select a theme that looks like a modern website.

StudioPress Themes make a great addition to WP Engine’s digital experience platform. We suggest you take a look at these themes as they are easy to install.

You can also find lots of free themes in WordPress by looking at your dashboard and clicking on Appearance > Themes > Add New.

From here, you will see loads of different themes that may be perfect for your site. Always choose one that reflects your brand image and actually suits your business.

If you want to branch out and get a more customised and unique theme, then search the web for premium WordPress themes. Here, you will find lots of sites where you can buy themes to download.

To install a theme you’ve purchased and download elsewhere, you have to go to Appearance > Theme > Add New > Upload Theme, and then find the file you downloaded. Here, it will upload, and you can click Install, then ‘Activate’.

Choosing Modern WordPress Plugins

Now, we come to arguably the most integral part of modern WordPress web design; plugins. These are, essentially, tools you use to enhance your site and make it more functional. You can find so many different plugins that will help your site become more contemporary and a lot more user-friendly. WordPress offers some for free, which you can find by going to your dashboard and clicking Plugins > Add New. From here, you can search through loads of different options until you find the ones you like.

To help you choose the best and most effective plugins, We’ve listed a few ideas you should really consider:

  • Contact Form Plugin: this type of plugin allows you to create really intuitive contact forms for your business website. This increases user-friendliness dramatically as you make it much easier for people to fill in their details and get in contact with your business. We recommend Gravity Forms.
  • SEO Plugin: getting an SEO plugin means you will have access to loads of stats about your site to help you make it more search engine friendly. As such, you can try to drive yourself up the rankings and gain more traffic. We recommend Yoast SEO Plugin.
  • Image Slider Plugin: this modern plugin lets you install a slideshow type thing on your web page. As a result, you can easily slide between images, meaning you can display more visuals in a more modern manner. We recommend Soliloquy.
  • FAQ Plugins: you can actually download a plugin that lets you create an FAQ page and manage your frequently asked questions. Every small business needs something like this to offer easy support for traffic and customers. Thus, your user-friendliness improves. We recommend Ultimate FAQs.

Slowly but surely, you will start building a WordPress site that’s incredibly modern and functional. It will be easy for people to view your site and navigate around it, and the beauty of contemporary WordPress is that your site will automatically be optimised for mobiles as well.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!