How IT support companies can build more website leads

As an IT support company owner you have both limited time and resources to invest into marketing. You also have ambitions to grow your business. This presents a real challenge. How do you handle digital marketing for your company whilst trying to grow it at the same time? The answer is a solid Inbound Marketing strategy that will be sustainable and measurable.

Getting your services in front of the right prospects at the right time will attract a consistent flow of new leads into your business, and this is what will help to drive your growth.

Your time is spent meeting with clients and developing new business. Building more website leads is handled by your external agency.

One of the problems that you might be struggling with is how to understand if your current agency are providing value and producing the results you were hoping for.

Most agencies that are new to Digital Marketing will be using different tools that are not connected with one another. Maybe they are trying to use MailChimp for email, Hootsuite for social media and WordPress for blogging, whilst Google Analytics is used for reporting. We call this a ‘Frankenstein’ approach. Nothing is connected; it’s inefficient and ineffective. ROI is impossible to track. 


    1. You’re too busy to deal with it
    1. It’s better to do something than nothing
  1. You get a report each month

Let’s just consider this position for a moment. Why isn’t this helping you to build your audience and inbound leads that you need to grow? 

    • You don’t have a strategy
    • You can’t measure progress towards any goals that are in place
    • You don’t have a customer persona defined so your company is not publishing relevant content
  • You don’t have one centralised system that shares data between marketing and sales.

Without these things being embedded into your content marketing strategy it is impossible to grow. The prospects that you are seeking will NOT find you.

How can Inbound Marketing help build more website leads?

The good news is that the IT support industry is perfect for the digital marketing. 

We already know that your website is attracting visitors, but one problem that is preventing your growth is you don’t know who they are, what they are looking for, or why they didn’t contact you. You don’t have proper lead intelligence. You can’t build effective campaigns.

Most companies who are still paying for old fashioned ‘SEO’ are struggling to understand the strategy and results are almost impossible to measure. Trying to sift through anonymous data in Google Analytics is a waste of time and frustrating.

I see a lot of company owners who are paying for what they think is SEO, but what they actually receive is random news-related articles published to their website that are written in a hurry by someone who doesn’t understand the audience they are communicating with. The result is boring content that is neither relevant, helpful or interesting to prospects. It drives potential customers away.

Marketing IT-related services should be highly focussed. You have a clearly-defined audience, with a specific problem that you can provide solutions to. The more focussed your messaging, the easier it will be to attract the prospects that you are looking for.

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How to target your marketing campaigns

Once you have defined your campaign by industry sector, company size, location or any metric, create a dedicated landing page and send relevant traffic to it. You should be looking for a conversion rate of 3-5% of visitors > leads which is average for top-of-funnel inbound visitors within the IT support sector (according to Sherpa)

    • Create an optimised landing page containing a specific downloadable offer
    • Set a geo-targeting paid social media campaign
    • Send visitors to the campaign landing page
    • Place a call to action that captures user detail
    • Segment the users within your database
  • Create an automated workflow to follow up on new prospects by sending them relevant and useful information

Creating your ideal customer persona is a great way of optimising website content and building more website leads

Follow these simple tips and you will immediately see an increase in quality inbound leads coming through your website. 


    • Make sure you understand your customer persona and the challenges that they face whilst doing their job.
    • Demonstrate how you can provide solutions to specific problems.
    • Publish content that your new visitors will find valuable and want to download.
    • Save prospect email addresses into a CRM
    • Segment by persona and lifecycle stage, i.e. Opportunity/Marketing Qualified Lead/Sales Qualified Lead/Customer
    • Build a marketing automation workflow that allows your marketing to become sticky.
    • Keep the prospect engaged and move them along the buyer journey – lead nurturing.
    • Include trackable call to action buttons within your blog posts to encourage a prospect to contact you.
  • And, yes get the SEO basics right. Redirects, meta tags, page structure.


    • Presume that a new visitor to your website wants to know about you. They don’t.
    • List out your services and try to explain what you do.
    • Over optimise keywords as this makes your website text unreadable.
  • Start sentences with ‘we’. This demonstrates that you don’t understand your audience and don’t have the content available that they are searching for.