Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Birmingham

Every digital marketing retainer we craft is customised to our customer’s goals and challenges and matched to their budget and internal capabilities. This means you to easily scale activity as your business grows.

Digital Consultancy

Led by SEO expert Phill Burrows, we provide digital marketing services in Birmingham for companies throughout the whole of the UK.

Brand Marketing

Our marketing plans include the website improvements, content and promotion needed to get your brand found online.

Performance Monitoring

We will ensure that we deliver your SLA backed digital marketing plans on time every month based around monthly deliverables.

Traffic Analytic

After each quarter we will analyse results and pull out the key learnings, ready to fuel smarter ideas for the next 90-days.

Conversion Optimization

Compelling content combined with great user experience drives conversion. We're going to increase the % of enquires to your business.

Social Tracking

What’s working and what needs improving? Together we will track and analyse your marketing KPIs against your goals.

Digital Marketing Services Birmingham - Our dashboard

Powerful reporting dashboard

Benefit from a high-end marketing management tool that we provide to clients that subscribe to our digital services. With one single log-in you can track all aspects of your SEO, PPC, Social, Email from the Executive Dashboard.

You will receive weekly emails that snapshot all of the data relating to your campaign, allowing you to dive deeper if you wish. This covers SEO, business listings, reputation management, social media, website audits and any paid advertising.


Real time reporting covering everything you need to know

Business Listings

The Executive Report shows data from connected apps such as Google My Business and other business listing sites. You can monitor:

  • Accuracy of any sites that you’re business is listed on
  • Progress of your business listing accuracy over time
  • Where potential customers are searching for your business online

The first step to gaining more online traffic is to update your business listings. It’s a core part of SEO strategy.

You’ll quickly spot gaps in your online presence. Fix these and new customers will start to find you online.


Reputation Management

Reviews, accurate information about your business, and social media activity directly impact a business’s reputation and influences local SEO.

Your potential customers will see any reviews about your company that are left online, so you need a simple, yet scalable way to manage this.

  • View average review star ratings
  • Your most recent customer reviews
  • Insight into trending themes left by reviewers
  • Progression of your business star ratings over time

With Reputation Management, you can monitor all online activity affecting the reputation of a business, including user generated reviews, business listings, and social media posts. This is all accessed from within the Executive Report.


Social Media

Executive Report uses data from Social Marketing sources such as Facebook and Twitter to the growing number of the number of people who:

  • Follow your social media profiles
  • Read with your posts
  • Engage with your online content

A consistent social media presence helps to build trust in your brand. Customers who trust your brand will spread the word about your business and drive further value. This will directly effect your bottom line.


Website Overview

For customers who use our web design service, we are able to share data into the Executive Report that helps you to understand:

  • Where users are finding your website
  • How long they are spending on each page
  • Number of new visitors in any given period
  • Any other data that helps you to understand how your website is being utilised

The first impression of your website will very quickly influence a visitor’s buying decision. This report helps you to uncover ways to improve your website and convert more visitors into paying customers.


Paid Advertising

Executive Report shows real-time performance data from Advertising Intelligence, Facebook Ads, Google Ads. This includes:

  • Numbers of impressions and clicks
  • Conversion rate and conversion types
  • The value of your return on investment

Paid advertising can often be the first experience a customer will have with your brand.

Understand what works, and discover new opportunities to improve and increase the value of your paid advertising.



Executive Report displays real-time information taken from our SEO tools which help you to understand:

  • Your top ten keywords
  • Number of places moved over a period of time

Ensure potential customers are finding you and trusting your company before their search for you competitors.

Together we use this data to identify the keywords and SEO strategies that will help your website climb to the number #1 spot.


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