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The company

Clark Diamonds is a family-run diamond wholesaler that supplies loose polished diamonds to the manufacturing and retail trade across the UK and Europe. They operate from Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter.

Director Mike Barrows told us that the diamond industry is not seen to be typically forward-thinking, and that he wanted the Clark Diamonds’ website and web app to demonstrate that his company is different, and they are in fact innovators in their field.

Challenges and proposed solutions

When the company contacted The Blue Cube, Clark Diamonds did not have a mobile-responsive website, and did not have a helpful web app teffectively showcasing its database of diamonds. Instead, there was just an unattractive database with very small text and no images. While the full-page images and current style of the website was to remain, it was agreed that the Clark Diamonds’ website would benefit from a cleaner and sleeker new look.

Director Mike Barrows wanted to have a useful web app accessible from the website. Mike envisioned a resource that would give visitors access to a detailed, user-friendly database containing all the information they would need to choose the right stone(s) from the diamonds the company had in stock. Website users would be able to pick from a wide variety of search terms to define the precise diamonds they were looking for. It would also work as an ecommerce website.


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Agile approach

Due to the fact that, initially, there were only ideas about the website’s breadth, scope, and functionality, The Blue Cube proposed implementing an agile approach to the project. The Agile Method to project management is a flexible, iterative process, which helps when undertaking unpredictable software constructions.

Throughout the process, The Blue Cube’s team worked in two-week sprints. We would first meet Mike to discuss what we would be tackling over the coming fortnight. Once agreed, we would implement the new developments, test them, and reconvene with Mike two weeks later to discuss the next step(s).

Using an agile approach and through a process of constant planning and feedback, the client is given a high level of visibility over the work process, their expectations can be effectively managed, and they are able to regularly evaluate and influence the direction that the project moves in.

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The web app

We chose to use Laravel PHP Framework to rebuild and redesign Clark Diamonds’ web app, due to its flexibility, its in-built features which promise solid coding, and the opportunity it presents for easier deployment and future updates.

The primary aim was to add depth and functionality to the web app. Therefore, instead of a simple spreadsheet, visitors who signed up to use the app could search Clark Diamonds’ database for stones divided by shape, weight, colour, clarity, cut, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, laboratory, and price - not to mention the advanced filters which we also included.


Inbound work

The Blue Cube has also been tasked with bringing more traffic through to the website, and are doing this via the proven inbound methodology. To begin this process, we have held a workshop to define the company’s buyer personas and to confirm both the buyer journey and content strategy. We have also set up HubSpot, which will measure Clark Diamonds’ ROIs and let us investigate how we will optimise our marketing efforts.

We look forward to sharing more of Clark Diamonds’ inbound marketing success in 2018.

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