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G&O Springs manufactures precision aeronautical springs for the aerospace industry, and their client list includes companies as prestigious as Fokker and Boeing.

Having worked with G&O for over 10 years, their current website was the second site that the Blue Cube built for them. When we came to updating the website design, G&O were hungry for international search traffic and the ability to better educate their website visitors.

It was essential that we highlighted G&O’s process of designing, engineering and manufacturing the springs, which are used for both aerospace and other critical safety applications. As well as restructuring the website to enhance the user journey, we wanted to give prominence to G&O’s accreditation and performance metrics.


Challenges and proposed solutions

Our long-term partnership with G&O has allowed us a deep insight into their business, and gave us a head start to understanding how to approach a new website design. We needed to demonstrate the meticulous and bespoke nature of their processes and the accuracy of their manufacturing, as this sets them apart from other similar companies and shows off their unparalleled professionalism.

The content also needed improvement to help educate visitors about G&O’s peerless knowledge and skill in their field. We therefore recommended improving the site navigation, enhancing the overall presentation by commissioning a photographer to give the new website an aesthetic sheen, introducing instructional videos, and optimising the way that their statistics were presented.


Going international

As G&O’s main business focus was to move their products to the international arena, it was critical to translate their content into other languages. We met with a DTI international trade expert and discussed key areas of importance and the best approach to take. G&O recognised the importance of maintaining their reputation as experts who showed respect to their clients, they invested in professional translations in French, Italian and Spanishrather than relying on in-built browser extensions.


Rise in annual targeted traffic


Increase in session duration


Decrease in bounce rate


Testimonials from our clients

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