Too many different tools 
Measuring marketing ROI is impossible. 
I know how to fix this.

You know when you need to measure and plan your marketing strategy properly. There are too many disconnected tools and systems that make understanding what’s going on almost impossible?

I recently asked a client from a biotech company “What’s the biggest challenge you face in your job on a daily basis?”

“I don’t have time to handle all of the different marketing tools that we use, and I can’t measure any ROI” was his reply.

He is a smart guy. He knows about his business and understands the needs of his customers. However, as digital marketing becomes more granular he finds that he doesn’t have enough hours in the day. 

When we dug a little deeper into his issue we found out that he was using lots of disconnected tools. 

This probably looks familiar:

  • Website – WordPress 
  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp
  • Social media – Posting on individual profiles
  • Landing pages – Unbounce
  • SEO – Moz
  • Ad Platform – Ad Roll
  • Tracking/Reporting – Google Analytics
  • CRM – Non existent

The list could go on…

I’ve seen this type of digital marketing combination many times. It’s a frankenstein system that’s easy to set up and often free or low cost. 

Unfortunately, the individual components will one day start to come undone. You miss things because it’s almost impossible to stay on top of ever integration and the system starts to unravel. It takes longer and longer to use the tools that seemed neat and well connected on day one. 

It’s very difficult, impossible even, to track a user across all areas of marketing, and trying to gain a top-down view takes too long. It gives you a headache right?

This is compounded by the rate at which modern, scalable marketing tools are being released across different platforms. Marketing managers like us want to try these systems because they look better than the tools we are currently using.

The solution

Luckily I have been through this before you, so I can lead the way.

If you want to follow others that have put this way of working behind them we could talk about HubSpot. HubSpot is a modern end-to-end marketing platform that contains all of the modules that any marketing manager needs in one place. 

Being a Hubspot partner means that I can roll out a suite of tools which connect everything and save you time. Once your website is set up within Hubspot you can very quickly track all areas of marketing. It has made my job so much easier since I made the switch.

What challenges do you have?

How Can I Help?