Why I launched the WordPress Essentials package

27-Sep-2018 15:21:55

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I started building websites in 1998, the internet was in its infancy and few companies had a website. There were even fewer web designers around. We were all about to start using Google for the first time, and companies were starting to spot the potential of getting found online. SEO was here!

Being the curious type I experimented. I very quickly I learnt that putting lots of hidden keywords in a page would make the website get found in Google search results. Hell, you could even hide white text at the bottom of the home page and get ranking. It was easy.

So began my journey into 'SEO', and the subtle art of the webmaster.

As an advocate of white hat SEO techniques I was always interested in the latest developments from Google, and I made sure I knew what impact any algorithm updates would have for the websites that I worked on.

Google is 20 years old

Roll forward 20 years to 27 September 2018 and Google is celebrating it's 20th Birthday and it dominates the world of search.

I now work for a select number of businesses who benefit from my expertise as I look after their website and specialise in WordPress SEO and support.

During my career which has spanned working for large agencies and as a sole consultant I have built countless highly secure WordPress websites for banks, high-street retailers, charities, FTSE 250 companies, as well as start-ups and SMEs. Every client is demanding and rightly expects the very best level of service.

During my career so far I learnt the following:

  • Things change very quickly in the digital space
  • Websites always 'go wrong'
  • It's very hard to attract natural organic traffic
  • IT departments can not host or support WordPress websites
  • Developers take a long time if they are doing their job properly
  • WordPress is a great system, but is easy to get very wrong if you are a novice
  • Clients like a single point of contact for their website maintenance
  • Clients don't like paying for simple updates (and I don't blame them)
  • You need to constantly work on a website to stop it going out of date

I could go on, but you get the idea. A website contains a lot of moving parts, and never stands still.

With this in mind I designed a simple package that is designed to make your day easier if you own a WordPress website. It includes everything that you need to run your website properly and even includes basic SEO to help get you found.

Business owners now have one single point of contact, and get everything covered for one simple monthly fee.

No more managing multiple suppliers, this package covers all of the following:

  • Domain registration
  • Professional high-end WordPress Hosting & back up
  • SSL certificates
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Your own marketing expert
  • Your own Reporting Analyst

Why did I launch this package?

I want to help company owners and provide them with a service that they are happy to subscribe to each month, and for which they get more value than they are currently achieving.

Many thanks,

Phill Burrows.
WordPress Expert

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