Cold calling - no thanks! I’m too busy!

09-Nov-2017 10:19:14

Paul doing Inbound Sales training with Dan Tyre

My journey through the Hubspot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp with Dan Tyre

You would think that after over 10 years in sales, I would be up for any challenge - but in 2017, the thought of making cold calls to a company I have never spoken to gave me an image of my time leaking through a bucket with a massive hole in the bottom!

To put this in perspective, I have made 1000s of calls over the years, even sitting there running through a Yellow Pages. Over time this has simply stopped working like it used to, and it now probably converts at around 2%.

I was told that inbound is the future - but how can an old school sales guy change his mindset?

When Stephen Higgins, my HubSpot Channel Account Manager,offered me the opportunity to sign up for a course to help me develop my inbound skills, I couldn't wait to get started!

So, week one, I met Dan Tyre, developer of HubSpot’s inbound sales process, and supreme leader of Hubspot’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp! This guy is full of unshakable energy, fun, and knowledge and experience of everything inbound.

Over eight weeks, Dan (plus a couple of other cool Hubspot guys joining intermittently) helped myself and seven other inductees to concentrate more on calling inbound business leads and prospects, with the confidence that our time will be much better spent.

Outbound cold calling activities were always my thing, but the frustration of this outdated method left me wondering what to do next. Now, with Dan’s help, I have a new perspective! I am visiting events, speaking to human beings, and following up with a much warmer sales call, which I then nurture using the inbound process. The people I now call are happy to speak to me, and I am creating a healthy pipeline and prospect list. These calls are warmed up - far from freezing cold!

On top of this, the Hubspot system is in place to support, nurture, and measure our progress, all the way through the process.

Always be helping!

The Bootcamp has helped me evolve the way I work. I am really enjoying getting out there and offering my help and expertise!

If you would like the opportunity to learn from my experience and hear more about warming up your company’s sales and marketing activities, I’d love to talk to you about your goals and challenges so that I can help in anyway I can.

Then book a quick chat with me in my calendar here, and we can informally chat through your digital assets and see what you can do to improve.

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