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Gwilym Lewis

Gwilym is a co-founder of Appsecco, an experienced cyber security company that provides easy to understand cyber security solutions that are based in commercial reality. Appsecco know that running a business is complicated enough without security experts telling you that you need the equivalent of a bomb shelter to be secure — when all you really need are slightly better door locks and a reminder to close your windows at night. Prior to co-founding Appsecco, Gwilym built and ran a specialist web application development company that was sold to a UK PLC in 2012. Gwilym is constantly told he should stop using the term Cyber Security (and completely understands why) but has yet to come up with a better one for non-technical people!

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Cyber security is getting boring!

By Gwilym Lewis on 25-Oct-2017 16:16:54

It seems that there isn’t a day that goes by without a lurid headline talking about how yet another large company or organisation has lost millions of people’s personal data into the shadowy world of hackers and cyber criminals.

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