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6 Reasons to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

It’s 2019 and video is bigger than ever for digital marketers. No matter what size your business is, you can increase your traffic and close more deals by adding video to your existing marketing strategy. Use it on your website, across your social media channels, and in your emails to engage and inform your leads […]...
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5 killer tips for powerful Shopify SEO

If you’re running your online store via a Shopify website, you’ll want to ensure you rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). By getting your Shopify SEO strategy right, you will attract more customers and increase your rate of conversions; leading to more sales and higher profits.  Shopify has a range of SEO-friendly features, […]...
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Top Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Technology can enhance your business. Fact. For a small business or a startup, it’s the first line of advertisement, attracting customers or clients to learn more about them. Over recent years, digital marketing has grown to become an important part of any business strategy. Using modern technology to create an eye-catching blog, social media pages […]...
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Beginners Guide to Facebook advertising

Social media is one of the most valuable tools in any digital marketing campaign. A huge proportion of web users spend their time online will spend it catching up with friends, sharing, and viewing content on these social platforms. Out of all of them, Facebook is not only the most widely used but one of […]...
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Do business listings benefit SEO?

Running a small business is by no means a small feat – you’re likely to have a seemingly never ending host of tasks to check off your to do list. But something that you need to do sooner rather than later is set up business listings for your company. Not only do they help to […]...
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4 Reasons to build a modern website

Modern trends in website design are making things easier than ever for business owners. Whereas once they had to face the nightmare of old-fashioned, self-hosted websites, owners can now enjoy the many benefits of hosted platforms, taking the stress and cost out building a site and giving them the time and space they need to […]...