6 Benefits of Shopify eCommerce Design

The new year is a time when website business owners set out their goals and challenges for the year. It’s a great time to build a new website, but which platform should you use, and why?

Right now, Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce website builder platforms out there, thanks to a host of benefits over traditional, self-hosted options. Here are some of the benefits of Shopify eCommerce design you can enjoy right now.

1. Excellent Marketing Tools

The creators of Shopify wanted to give customers everything they needed to market their ecommerce businesses, right there natively on the platform. And, to a large extent, they succeeded. Shopify now offers customers a host of impressive SEO features to get found in organic search results, as well as useful customer acquisition tools, like gift cards, discount coupons, and email marketing.

2. Aesthetically-Pleasing Website Design

One of the biggest benefits of the Shopify system is the ability to create a unique, custom-branded storefront, all within the Shopify builder. Shopify knows that businesses need tools they can use to differentiate themselves from the competition, and so they created a design language that allows ecommerce firms to create bespoke storefront aesthetics. Shopify thought of everything, from an intuitive UI to interesting colours and image profiles.

3. No Coding Skills Required

Shopify knows that most people who run ecommerce businesses don’t have coding skills. What they want is an intuitive, easy-to-setup system that can quickly generate an attractive and functional online storefront. Like other providers, tools on Shopify’s storefront builder are easy to use and understand. If you have more advanced skills and knowledge of HTML, you are free to use them, but there’s no requirement.

4. Mobile-Focused

Most online shopping is now done through mobile devices, not desktop platforms. Ecommerce business owners, therefore, want tools that can provide customers with a fabulous mobile experience. Shopify has spent a lot of time and effort developing mobile-responsive themes and optimising store layout for mobile screens. The system is now easily on a par with bespoke and far more expensive alternatives.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

Online retailers need their operations to function correctly twenty-four, seven; otherwise, they risk losing customers. Shopify currently runs a 24/7 live chat and email service for customers with technical and payment issues on their sites, providing the support needed to keep their storefronts running perfectly.

6. Fast Loading Times

Research shows that around 50 percent of people will click back to search results if a page takes more than three seconds to load. What’s more, for every additional half second of loading time, businesses lose 10 percent of potential customers. Fast loading times are, therefore, essential.

Shopify’s servers provide a low-latency, high bandwidth platform that should reduce customer loading times in most locations. It’s not perfect, but it’s just about as quick as it’s possible to get, thanks to the firm’s optimised hardware and software.

So in summary, Shopify offers some impressive benefits over other ecommerce hosting platforms. If you want a quick, cheap, and easy way to set up your online retail operation, then it is an excellent choice.