4 things to examine during a website audit

Marketing managers who are looking for a free website audit are faced with many automated tools.

However there aren’t that many that provide anything with meaning or context. To help with this we’ve recently been working on our website audit process with the aim of improving our analysis. Based on our own customer research we know that marketers are seeking specific feedback that help inform marketing desicion making.

As search engines have become more sophisticated and look to provide their users with the best search experience, we are seeing that it is increasingly difficult to look at on-site SEO in isolation from brand experience. I feel that it is now more important than ever for marketing teams to consider the whole digital output from their brand.

I like the idea of a holistic approach to website optimisation rather than purely looking at search engines.

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Working with Marketing Managers who are trying to gain detailed insight into their website is something that we are doing more frequently. I love it when we are asked to critique a website or analyse a specific problem.

The refocus on the complete digital footprint means that we can now offer a more comprehensive and actionable list of observations and recommendations to customers who ask us to compile a report.

Our website audit does not involve using an automated tool to generate a review. We will combine the analysis of a designer, an SEO specialist and a digital analyst to compile a report which will give you a complete and unbiased overview of your digital positioning.


The free website consultation that we offer is available to all marketing managers. It’s a great way for us to learn about new prospects who we might be able to help, and also we are constantly learning. Everyday we find a new challenge or a customer who has a new marketing challenge.

The first step involves our team getting to know you and your business including a simple questionnaire for you to complete.

We will critique your website and identify where things are working and where we think there could be improvements. This part of the review will include:

1. Look & feel

  • First impressions – Does the site feel welcoming? Does it communicate what the company is about?
  • Style – Does the design represent the company and industry? Does the website feel like it belongs to the company?

2. UI / navigation

  • Clarity – Are there clear links to content on the site? Is the navigation structure and user flow intuitive?
  • Journey – Is it easy for users to find the content they need?
  • Signposting – Is it clear what you want the user to do? Is there a call-to-action?

3. Content

  • Appropriate – Is the tone of voice correct? Is the message being delivered successfully?
  • Imagery – Is the style and quality of a high standard?
  • Accessibility – Is the content easy to digest?

4. On-site SEO

  • Search engine accessibility
  • Site indexing
  • On-page ranking factors
  • Information architecture
  • Duplicate content
  • HTML mark up